Obtaining A Grant
Getting Grant Money

Ways to Give

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Grant Making

Your request to The Aultman Foundation should include:

Grant Guidelines

Proposal Cover Sheet

Proposal Checklist

Budget Template 

2 Copies of Project Proposal (including all these sections)

No staples or binders please. Limited to three pages typed including items I-VI

         I) Project Summary Including Timetable

         II) Organizational History Including Mission Statement

         III) Statement of Need

         IV) Statement of Goals and Benefits Including Potential Number to be Served

         V) Action Plan

         VI) Evaluation Plan

         VII) Detailed Project Budget (on a separate page)

    Board of Directors List Including Name and Position

    Most Recent Audited Financial Statement

    Copy of IRS Determination Letter

Please keep any supplemental materials to a minimum. If you have any questions call The Aultman Foundation - Shelly Durbin at 330-363-4352.

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